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A solar panel battery is, as the name suggests, a battery that’s connected to your solar system. The solar battery backup system utilized by Ohio Power Solutions uses lithium-ion solar batteries to help store power; the amount provided will depend on how much power you need. A solar panel battery may be a good choice in addition to a grid tied system if you’re worried about a power outage. If you’re near London, OH, then consider calling us today to learn more. 

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How Does a Solar Panel Battery Work?

A solar panel battery is often connected to your grid tied system. Typically speaking, the battery bank—or number of batteries—will vary depending on how much energy you think you’ll need. The battery bank will take in excess energy that’s absorbed by your solar panels and store it until it’s needed. Then, if you ever experience a power outage, the back up will kick on, allowing you to power certain devices. 

A grid tied solar system is the most common type of system there is. It’s useful because it can utilize solar energy when the sun is out and energy from the grid when there isn’t enough light. However, a major drawback that a grid tied system has is that it can’t function during power outages. Despite the fact that the sun is still readily available, the system has to be shut down completely if the grid is down. This is because if it’s not, the energy produced by the system could injure the people working to fix the grid. Unfortunately, this means that if you have a standard grid tied system, you’ll likely still be without power during an outage. 

That’s where a solar battery backup can be useful. When the power goes out, the backup is designed to turn on, allowing you to still have power for certain things. It should be noted, however, that what can still be run will depend on how big the battery bank is. Larger battery banks can run more but are often significantly more expensive. If you’re a homeowner, you’ll likely want to run a minimum load. This means you’ll be able to power things such as refrigerator, sump pump, well pump, and a select amount of lights. Businesses may wish to run more, but that will depend on the overall budget. 

Ohio Power Solutions is available to provide service to residents of the Springfield, OH area. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help, then consider giving us a call today. 

Learn More About Your Solar Battery System Options with Ohio Power Solutions

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Learn More About Your Solar Battery System with Ohio Power Solutions

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