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Do You Need a Solar Water Heater Installed Near Columbus, OH?

Solar thermal heating systems are used in order to heat up water for your home, business, pool, or other feature. More commonly known as a solar water heater, a solar thermal heating system takes advantage of a widely available natural resource: the sun. By getting a solar powered heater, you can effectively save yourself money and lessen your impact on the environment. And if you want one installed near Columbus, OH or any of the surrounding areas, consider calling Ohio Power Solutions. We’re a family-owned and operated business who can help commercial, residential, and agricultural clients. Call today to get your free estimate and see how we can help.

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Benefits of Solar Thermal Heating Systems

Whether you’re a business owner or a homeowner, anyone can take advantage of a solar thermal system. Just some of the benefits of a solar powered heater include:

  • More Environmentally Friendly: Most water heaters use non-renewable methods in order to keep your water warm. This isn’t the case with a solar power heater, which means you’ll have to worry less about having a negative impact on the environment. Additionally, it can heat almost any water source, from hot water for your shower, to pools and hot tubs.
  • Less Energy Use: A solar water heater, as the name implies, doesn’t use electricity at all. It only takes its energy from one source: the sun. This reduced energy usage means you’ll be less in utility bills every month. As an added bonus, you can get up to 30% tax credit for having a solar thermal system installed.
  • Increased Property Value: Lower energy bills isn’t the only monetary benefit a solar thermal system offers. By installing one on your property, you can greatly increase the value of your home or business. This means that you can make more money should you ever decide to sell.

A solar water heater works by absorbing energy from the sun using a flat plate installed somewhere on your property. This plate transfers energy through several different things, including a glycol solution, heat exchangers, and controllers. This transfer is how the solar energy becomes usable heat.

Would you like to learn more about solar thermal heating systems? Then our team would be happy to speak with you. Consider calling today for your free estimate.

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We're Here to Install Your Solar Heater

Ohio Power Solutions’ mission is to help clients go green. That’s why we offer fair pricing, honest service, and professional work to our customers in the Columbus, OH area. When you call us to help install your solar water heater, you know you’re getting hard-working individuals who are entirely dedicated to helping you get a product that will last. We personally design and install every system to match the needs of the individual. So, why not give us a call today to learn more? We can provide you with a free estimate and discuss our services further.

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Call Ohio Power Solutions When You Need a Solar Powered Heater

Ohio Power Solutions is one of the best solar companies around. Our experts are ready to install your solar water heater and provide you with quality service. We can help individuals living near:

  • Dayton, OH
  • London, OH
  • Columbus, OH
  • Springfield, OH
  • Piqua, OH
  • Ashley, OH
  • Galena, OH
  • Wilmington, OH
  • West Jefferson, OH
  • Blanchester, OH

When you need a solar water heater installed, work with a team you can trust. So, call Ohio Power Solutions today to get your free estimate. We offer a 15-year warranty for every installation. Let the experts help you go green.

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