Carbon Emissions Drop as Ohio Coal Plants Shut Down!!

Here is clear evidence that fossil fuel electricity generation sources have an impact on the environment. Since 2011 when Ohio shut down two more coal fire plants, carbon emissions have dropped & scientific research has been performed to show that the air in the State of Ohio is cleaner & less smog has developed. Solar […]

More Ohioans are Supporting Clean Energy over Fossil Fuels!!

Eighty-seven percent of voters statewide said they would tell elected officials to support policies that encourage energy efficiency and more renewable energy use, The Nature Conservancy of Ohio reported in a poll this week. The results come amid continued efforts by some Republican lawmakers to scale back clean energy policy. There are so many positive […]

The Solar PV market is set to triple over next 5 years!

The solar pv market continues to grow strong every year since the recession of 2008. With the market growth we will get an increase in demand creating greater opportunities to reduce system prices which can be passed onto the consumer! Just over the last 3 years alone, turn-key installations have dropped $1.00 / Watt (i.e. […]